As well as individual items of finescale track, more complete layouts to any size, complexity or prototype, can be built to any particular stage to suit the customer’s requirements.   Where baseboards are required these are built and supplied by White Rose Modelworks in Yorkshire (, which can incorporate any design features that may be required, such as backscenes, dropped sections, ramps or spirals. The boards are built to the highest standards and will not warp or twist, and offer a light robust structure. The finescale track is painted and weathered, and laid on rubberised cork underlay, which provides a highly resilient and firm base.

Electrical wiring can be provided to suit either DCC or analogue systems, with slow action point motors such as Tortoise or Cobalts to all turnouts, together with control panels and controllers. Working semaphore signals or multi-aspect coloured lights signals  ( can be included to operate by command or by electronic relays and sequencers. ( As all items are built specifically to order, the construction and delivery times will depend upon the availability of any specialised components from suppliers, and the relative complexity of the layout.


The models of the coaling stage, larger engine shed and goods shed on the Chedworth Layout were built by David Amias of DJ Modelmaking Services, and the photographic images of Chedworth layout were taken by David Amias of DJ Modelmaking Services.